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Year End Software Blowout


Since you missed the live training webinar to “Make It Big In 2015!”, you can watch the recording here until the timer hits zero: Sorry This offer has closed. But you might be interested in this.

Marketing Solutions

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Get Ready For Mind Blowing Traffic With Tsunami Sites

It is coming and you will not be able to stop the mind blowing traffic you get with Tsunami Sites.

Mad Face

Shawn Casey and Brian Koz have done it again and they plan to unleash the beast called Tsunami Sites on Monday, August 25th @ 10 AM so get ready for a flood of traffic. Tsunami Sites is a WordPress Plugin that immediately populates a website, then adds tried and tested, targeted viral material a number of times a day. Think of it as a “Viral Automated Blog” that mimics what BuzzFeed and Upworthy do to get millions of social shares, and also countless site visitors a month.

Shawn Casey and Brian Koz also had a big hit back in 2012 when they released a product called Webfire which sold thousands of copies and took internet marketing to a whole new level. I expect that this launch of Tsunami Sites on Monday August 25th at 10:00 am will knock it out of the park again. This is just a pre-launch warning to let everyone know that it is coming and I expect it will be big as all of Shawn and Brian’s products have been in the past.


So make sure to be here on Monday as I will be letting you know how to get your hands on the new Tsunami Sites plugin and Lets Rock This Thing! ( I can’t wait to get my hands on this.) Meanwhile check out Webfire.

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