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Steal My Business Webinar Review

I am writing this review about the Steal My Business Webinar that I attended. As soon as I purchased The Steal My Business Program that was developed by Ankur Shukla I was immediately sent a webinar invitation that was supposed to help with  the platform that I had just purchased. I attended the webinar and they were promoting another product called FB Fanpage Listbuilder By: Aravindh S.

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So once I purchased the SMB product I looked through it and decided to set it up and see how it will do. I will be posting on this later. Now as for my experience so far with FB Fanpage List Builder it has started with problems and I am still out on my vote as I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but it is not looking real promising. Here is the problem that I have. If you are going to promote a product on the weekend be prepared to have support set up for it as long as your promotion is taking place.

Now as far as the product I think it can be a good one if it was working as it should. To start with there is no clear instruction as to how to link all of the pieces together as in no real video tutorials to walk you through it unless you can understand strong accents. There is one tutorial that is with the program but the person recording it used very low quality equipment and spoke very fast with a strong  accent so I had to watch it several time to make heads or tails out of it.

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The biggest issue I am having right now as a customer is they are launching this product all weekend and they will not support it on the weekend as far as I can tell. Also after going through the support desk it appears as there are other products that have been sold and support was slow or there was no support given. I will be waiting till Monday evening to decide whether or not to refund this product. So keep an eye out for further updates. I have also given the product creator the link for this post so maybe he will get the message to check his support desk ;-)

Just to let everyone know this is my personal experience and I would welcome any feedback on other peoples experience with this in my comments section. Let me know if you are having the same issues as I am having.